10 Steps to Postpone Your Wedding

10 Steps to Postpone Your Wedding

In life, things don’t always go according to plan. Couples are currently navigating the COVID-19 outbreak and it is creating a lot of hard decisions for couples that were planned to be married in Spring/Summer 2020. This situation (and any other natural disaster) puts you in a state of panic and a whole lot of anxiety. You’re unsure of how to navigate this scenario, and really don’t know whether to postpone or cancel your wedding day. I am here to help you! In this article, I will discuss the 10 steps to follow to postpone your wedding or special event. These steps will take away the panic, stress, and anxiety and allow you to make a level-headed decision.

Since you have never experienced a situation like this, I am going to outline a game plan for you to follow to postpone your wedding. These steps are simple and allow a tactful approach – making it easy for you during this stressful time. Let’s get to it!

Step 1: Make the call to postpone NOT CANCEL your wedding plans

Don’t throw your entire wedding out the window because of this obstacle. You deserve to have your wedding day and celebrate with your family and friends. If you are trying to save money, this is not the way to go about it. 99% of your vendors are small businesses (mom & pop style), so asking/demanding a refund is a surefire way to put them out of business. Read your contracts regarding the terms of payment & refunds!

Step 2: Email all of your vendors updating them with your decision to postpone your wedding

It is important all of your vendors are on board with you, and know what is happening. Even if the date is TBD, reach out to them as soon as you decide to postpone your wedding.

Step 3: Obtain available 2020 and 2021 dates from your venue

Keep in mind you will need to be flexible about date availability. Regardless of the year, fall weddings are the most popular so you will most likely not get a Saturday. Don’t throw out weekday weddings or a Friday/Sunday. The guests that love and support you will be there no matter what!

Step 4: Create an excel spreadsheet in Google Drive to track availability

Once you receive the available venue dates, in your excel doc, you will add the dates to one column and list your vendors in the following columns. It should look something like this:

Blank Google Sheets Date Availability

Step 5: Create a Google Form

Go into Google Forms, and create a Date Availability Form for your vendors to complete. Add the following information. Need a visual? See the example below.

Company Name _____________ (make this a required field)

10/2/2020: Available / Not Available

(List dates as questions with the answer options as Available / Not Available)

 Google Form Postpone Your Wedding Example

Step 6: Send your Google Form to your vendor team to complete

Use the link sharing option in Google Forms, and send the link in a blanket email to all vendors. As you receive their answers, fill them into your excel spreadsheet. See the example below.

(I like using conditional formatting to make it easier to read, if you need help with conditional formatting – use this link).

Google Sheets Date Availability Example for Postponing a wedding

Step 7: Review date availability and sign a new contract with the venue

It is important that you don’t wait long once you receive all vendor availability to make a decision. Remember, there are dozens of other couples (not including newly engaged couples) booking the dates provided by the venue as “available”. Act swiftly. Once that new date is determined, email the venue to obtain an updated contract with the new date listed.

Step 8: Obtain updated contracts/invoices from your vendors

Now that you have secured the new date with the venue, and the contract has been signed. Send an email out to all of your vendors with the new date, and request an updated contract. Keep in mind, some vendors may request you sign a contract cancellation or Mutual Rescission & Release Agreement to void the old contract, and have you sign a newly updated contract. Make sure to place these updated contracts in a new folder.

Step 9: Send an “Unsave the Date” virtually (email) or by mail to your guests

Step 10: Reprint & Send ‘Save the Date’ with NEW date listed

When it comes to your invitations, you don’t need to resend these until 8-12 weeks before your rescheduled date. If you already sent them and received RSVP responses, I would recommend sending a Paperless Post invitation with a virtual link for your guests to submit their updated RSVP for the new date. Or you can put a new RSVP link on your wedding website for your guests to complete. This will save you lots of $$$ on printing costs.

Was that helpful to you in this situation? Do you need additional help? Reach out to me for more assistance.



March 21, 2020