13 Non-Traditional Wedding Reception Ideas

Halloween Wedding at Carondelet House in Los Angeles Dried Pampas Grass Installation

I know I’m a big stickler for ensuring that the love and commitment of my couples is the number one focus on their wedding day, but who said you have can’t throw a little non-traditional fun into the mix? Nowadays, it is all about doing something different, unique, and eye-catching. When I work with my clients I try to out do myself so they have a memorable client experience, but why not refocus this mentality on your guests? Think about it. Your wedding guests are usually traveling a long distance to share in this moment with you and your future partner, they are dropping mad dollars on hotels, transportation, and most likely a very thoughtful wedding gift. The least you can do is give them one hell of a guest experience, right?┬áIf you don’t know how to up your wedding reception game, I’ve given you some inspiration below (plus some cool moves).

Silent Disco

Does your wedding venue have a noise ordinance which is keeping you from gettin’ jiggy wit it? Well today is your lucky day because I have found your solution! If you don’t know where to find one, connect with me!

One Bad Ass Bar

I know not everyone is an alcohol aficionado but who can resist a bomb-ass cocktail made to perfection? I know I can’t! For me my poison is Penicillin and I know quite a few out of this world Cocktail Services that bring a whole new element and meaning to a cocktail bar.

Cultural Dances/Elements

This is one of my favorites. I love when couples incorporate elements of their culture into their wedding reception. Whether it be traditional dances, henna tattoo artists, mariachi band, wedding banquet, etc, Put a spin on the traditional and stand out from the crowd.

Donut Wall or Dessert Bar

Having a solo wedding cake is no longer the fad in wedding today. If you really want to stand out with your guests, wow them with an ombre colored donut wall or dessert bar from oh…I don’t know….maybe all the delicious desserts from Porto’s?

Mystery Dinner Game

Getting your guests involved in your wedding can be tricky since the focus is on the couple. However, when you think of bringing in a mystery dinner experience for your guests to play and join in the fun they will not only feel important but that you care about their experience.

Not Your Typical Entertainment

If you really want to get your guests up and dancing, then think of using some non-traditional musical entertainment. Some options are Doo-wop groups, 80’s band, a mariachi band, dance troupe, etc. Let’s wow your guests!

Tarot Card Readings

This one may not be for the superstitious, but think how awesome it would be if you had a Halloween themed wedding with a tarot card reader?? Hello! Spoooky! Plus, I’m pretty sure I would want to know if I won the lottery.

Food Truck

Everyone has seen In N Out catered, but what about a margarita truck, taco truck, Korean bbq, or your fav local food truck?? It is a great idea for a late night snack or use it as your guest meal. Not only will it save you $$$, but it will leave your guests wanting more!

(Adult) Tasting Stations

Personally, I love a good wine tasting so why not incorporate adult friendly tasting stations. Ever heard of a whiskey bar tasting, wine tasting, fresh cigar rolling station, or scotch tasting? It’s a thing and you definitely need it at your next event.

Create a Guest Lounge

I cannot stress how much I loooooove a beautiful guest lounge set up. Even though it’s an additional cost, this creates such a create ambiance and environment for your cocktail hour and reception for your guests to hang out and catch up. Take off your shoes and stay a while.

Practical Favors

How many times have you been to a wedding and noticed the favors, and not in a good way. I know couples are trying to cut costs, but remember your guests are taking time out of their schedules to travel, spend $$$ on hotels, and your wedding gift. A small creative favor though is definitely food for thought. Think of individual macaroons, candles, toffee from Btoffee, wine glasses, organic soap, an individual shot of tequila.

Kids Activities

As a wedding planner I have had the opportunity to come in contact with some AMAZINGLY TALENTED VENDORS. Some of which can help you with that one little problem you have been stressing about. Kids at your wedding. Take a look at Black Tie Kids, for instance. They create a whole experience for the children at your wedding so you don’t have to worry about them running around pulling on table linens and sticking their fingers in the cake. Not only will it make your life easier, but it will allow guests with kids to equally enjoy your nuptial celebration.

Video Confessional Booth

Your wedding videographer is going to do an amazing job at capturing the love and intimates moments shared between you and your new spouse, but get your guests involved by creating a video confessional booth where they can share their memories of the bride and groom and show a little extra love.

March 24, 2018