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Meet Gabi

So nice to meet you! I’m Gabi the owner, lead planner & designer of Bridezilla Events. I KNOW your struggles and planning woes because I’ve been there, and I am here to help.

Like, for real!

Our relationship is of the utmost importance to me to ensure you feel supported, heard, + overall free of stress. I’ll be here to answer your questions, guide you through the process, and break down any concerns you may have along the way. I am your wedding planning BFF.

Who am I?

  • I’m a rescue dog mom of two, Sadie (border collie) + Eevie (boxer) – where my other paw parents at?

  • I’m married to my college sweetheart

  • I’m a wine & cheese snob with too many coffee cups from Anthropologie

  • I effing love scoping out new cafes or restaurants + trying the most unique cocktails on the menu (anything with Bourbon) 

  • I have 4 tattoos (I always forget the one on my back LOL)

  • Never invite me to trivia night…I’m the worst!

 Photo by  Michelle Peterson Photography

Photo by Michelle Peterson Photography