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 Belle and Epic Photography

Belle and Epic Photography


Why, hello there! I’m Gabriela and I am the Owner, Lead Planner, & Floral Designer behind Bridezilla Events. You know why I love weddings? Because we can get really freaking creative and actually enjoy the hectic process! If you don’t know me, I’m like the perfect balance between getting shit done and having fun while doing it. You’ll always find me expressing myself through song and dance, cheesy accents (at least I try), and the constant need to laugh. There’s really never a dull moment with this girl…unless I’m hangry.

My mission is to make this process of planning & design something that you actually look forward to. I’ll be you’re best friend in that I will be honest and realistic with you regarding what can be done within the constraints of your vision. I believe your wedding is a day but the memories you share and relive through photos will last a lifetime, so why not enjoy the small details! 


Fun Facts about me:


  • I collect mugs from Anthropologie….duh!
  • My favorite adult beverage is a Penicillin (and yes, I can be a snob about it)
  • I am a crazy lover of animals, especially Llamas & Sloths
  • I have 2 dogs, Eevie & Sadie, and you can follow along with their shenanigans on IG
  • I am a newlywed, so I know what you’re going through!
  • Sometimes I have RBF but who doesn’t?!
  • I love dying my hair different colors
  • I can only eat pizza if there’s pineapple on it….with a side of ranch
  • I have 3 tattoos, and am itching for more!
  Belle and Epic Photography

Belle and Epic Photography


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