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  Photography:    Peterson Design Photography

Photography: Peterson Design Photography

As your full service wedding planner, we begin working together from the beginning (or just about). You may have just booked your venue or you need assistance with the search process, and realize that you don’t have 400 additional hours in your schedule to focus your efforts on wedding planning. Remember, our approach is collaborative so you are included in the wedding planning process so don’t fear being out of the loop. We set you up with a personalized wedding database that will house all of your wedding details, vendor contracts, invoices, and wedding planning checklist. Not only do we plan alongside you, but we will manage the day-of your wedding as well to see you down the aisle.

When it comes to wedding planning services, you may realize I don’t offer partial planning. Here’s why: there is too much grey area, what’s included/what’s not, muddy waters for communication/consulting. So, I have made the process easy for you by removing the option for partial planning since you will appreciate the openness & availability so much more than expected.


For the plan-it-yourself couple, this is for you! You’ve probably heard of day-of coordinator but let me stop you right there because that is myth, a unicorn – just doesn’t exist if you want a successful and stress-free wedding day. Here is an article I wrote as to the reason why.

Many couples choose to embark on the wedding planning journey alone but that doesn’t mean you won’t need assistance on the actual wedding day. Most venues require you to have a coordinator in the weeks/months leading up to your wedding day but before you feel bitter, realize this is an asset to your overall wedding day experience. In our process, you receive access to your wedding database from Day 1 and we are available for unlimited email consulting to ensure we are in the loop with wedding decisions and logistics.