The “Pretty Feed” Illusion

Screw a pretty feed and here’s why:

Here’s the thing, when you go onto Instagram and look for vendors for your upcoming wedding, you’re looking at curated photos & follower count that doesn’t depict the true role of a wedding planner (most of the time). Grandiose table settings, beautiful pictures, finely selected stationary doesn’t mean a person is a successful planner; instead, they may just be amazing at design (if they even did that). Did you know there is a difference between an event designer and wedding planner? Capturing the true essence of a planner is tough, to be completely honest; and client testimonials aren’t always a great frame of reference.

Why you might ask?

Because this is most likely their first time getting married, each client has different expectations, and most of the time on the wedding day (when a planner knows what they are doing), the couple is off enjoying their day and not worrying about what’s happening behind the scenes. Ok, don’t feel defeated. I know this is heavy stuff but here’s what I recommend, and the questions to ask.

·         Before booking, make sure to schedule a thorough consultation with the planner. During the consultation, voice your concerns & how you would like to feel on your wedding day.

·         Ask them how they will help you & your fiancé stay on track of tasks and how often they will be checking in

·         Besides client testimonials, request to speak with vendors from the last wedding they did to get their experience of working with said planner (I know this is a new one, but keep in mind you are investing a lot of money & will be working together for a long time)

·         Ask to contact past clients, as well, and learn about their experience throughout the planning process, not just how they made them feel on the wedding day

Don’t rush into booking vendors just to check them off your list. Remember, you get what you pay for, and hiring someone who is experienced will be well worth it in the end.

May 1, 2019