The Difference Between a Wedding Planner and Coordinator

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What is a Wedding Planner vs. Wedding Coordinator

After getting engaged – you go friends – the insanity that is planning a wedding ensues. Luckily, there are people who have chosen a profession dedicated to making the process easier.  Wedding planners and wedding coordinators have become essential to couples, as nuptials grow more elaborate. Keep reading to learn the difference between the two, and why you should seriously consider hiring one.

What They Do

People often confuse wedding planners and wedding coordinators for one and the same. However, each takes on different responsibilities, for different aspects of a wedding. For this reason, some couples may choose to invest in both services, see how.

A wedding planner is the person you call soon after getting engaged, who takes on a role similar to that of a best friend + wedding therapist.  You will provide them with a general overview of your wedding vision, which they will then use to narrow down all of the details. Your wedding planner will help you find the venue, confirm the perfect wedding date, research + vet your vendor team, provide invitation management, a thorough design vision, and be by your side from the beginning. This includes helping you sort through vendors, select decor and stationery, and so on. All of the actions they take and suggestions they make, will be tailored to fit your investment and vision. Wedding planners will provide you with the hard truths and clear up the confusion when it comes to expectations. With a wealth of experience, the right wedding planner will be able to offer you ideas and solutions for every hiccup (or foreseeable logistical concerns). Additionally, they will be with you on the entire day of your wedding to run the show.

A wedding coordinator is different than a wedding planner in that you will begin working with this vendor from 1 month to 8 weeks prior to your wedding day. They are often hired a 6 months to 1 year from the wedding date, but do not offer the same level of service that a planner does. Once hired, you will be responsible for booking all of your vendors, sending out Save the Dates + Invitations, booking your hotel room block, determining your rental needs, and coming up with the overall design. Once a coordinators services begin, they will gather all of your vendor details to ensure all parties are on the same page as far as timeline, layout, and execution of the day. The cost of a wedding coordinator is much less of an investment, and a great option for DIY clients.

Why You Need One

Any couple who hired a planner or coordinator for their event, will tell you that they are well worth the investment. The most obvious reason being, each saves you incalculable energy and prevents stress. They take the weight off of your shoulders, so that you can actually enjoy yourself during the planning process and on the wedding day. The same goes for your family members and friends, who often get an equal dose of the wedding planning stress.

Whether you choose a wedding planner or wedding coordinator, one thing is for certain. Every step of the way, they have your back and want to make sure your day is everything you hope for, and more. As with hiring any wedding service provider, it is crucial that you connect on a personal level with a wedding planner or coordinator. As your right hand, they will need to have a firm grasp on your vision, in order to accurately assist you. Be sure that you spend adequate time considering your options, before signing any papers!

June 4, 2019